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Week 12: LibraryThing

This week’s lesson focuses on LibraryThing.



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Week 7, Lesson 2

Week 7 Lesson 2 – Learn about Technorati.

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Week 7 Lesson 1- Tagging & social bookmarking in

Lesson 1 – Learn about Tagging and discover

Lesson 2 – coming next week.


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Week 5: Wikis

This week’s lesson focuses on wikis.  A wiki is basically a website that anyone can edit, although some wikis are password protected to limit viewing and/or editing to only those with a password.  They are used as collaborative, sharing tools.

 If you have any questions, please contact Vicky or Sue S.

Sue S.

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Posting to our Readin’ and Watchin’ Blog

A few people have asked how to post a review in the library’s What We’re Readin’ and Watchin’ Blog, so I’m posting the instructions here.  Contact Vicky or Sue if you need help!

You get 1 Extra Credit point for each time you post to  the What We’re Readin’ and Watchin’ Blog, so write up those reviews & collect those points!

 Sue S.

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Week 3: RSS and Google Reader

This week’s lessons will focus on finding interesting blogs and setting up a reader account which will allow you to easily read new postings to blogs you select.  Lesson 1 may seem a bit long and tedious, but once you get the hang of subscribing to RSS feeds and reading them in your Google Reader account it gets much easier!  If you find the first lesson too long, break it up over a few days.  After you get through Lesson 1, Lesson 2 will be a breeze!

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Lesson #1  Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own Google Reader account  

Lesson #2  Set up a personal home page

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We’ve received a few questions this week about Twitter.  Why in the world do we care about Twitter?  What does it have to do with libraries? 

Well, Twitter is brand new – only about 6 months old.  It is really HOT in the Web 2.0 world right now.  There’s lots of talk about Twitter and its possible use.  Only time will tell if it has staying power.  If it continues to grow at the rate it has in the past, we may want to consider using it to communicate with teens or other Twitterers.

 Here are a few more Twitter resources if you are interested:

  • I thought this ‘What Not to Twitter’ comic was pretty funny. 
  • A reference librarian ponders possible uses for Twitter in libraries in this blog post.
  • This blog post discusses using Twitter to generate traffic to your website.

This week’s lesson will be posted sometime this morning!

Sue S.

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